Geo has helped over 25,000 business success stories across the globe.

For over 10 years, Geo has been supporting small-medium sized trade and home services business.
Simplifying business success is at the core of everything we do.

Save time, improve cashflow and grow your business.

Simply save time and improve profits

Geo customers…

Save over 105 minutes a day

Retain more business

Get paid 8 days faster

Our mission

To make it easier out there by offering simple solutions and stand out customer service.

Helping your business run smoothly

Our software allows you manage all core parts of your business process, from quotes through job and staff management to invoicing. Our software allows you to manage your business from wherever you are – on the road or in the office.

Supporting you so your business thrives

Support from real people whenever and however you need it. Whether it’s training and onboarding new staff, or implementing more advanced features, Geo’s team is on hand to ensure you spend less time on paperwork and more time growing your business.

Continual investment to enhance your software experience

Our technology team provides a software update and release on average every two weeks. We’re continuously working on improvements, looking for efficiencies and exploring the latest innovations to provide you with really smart software to support your business.

The future of work is constantly evolving. We’re onto it.

We’re focused on providing the best platform to help trade and home service businesses succeed.

Our Smart Software allows your staff to swap their pen and paper processes, improving the way you work, and bringing all your data into one platform.

Geo’s smart job management software saves time, increases productivity, speeds up cash flow and improves your customer satisfaction.

Over a decade of helping trade and home service businesses grow


In 2009, Geo founders saw the opportunity to support mobile service business such as trades and home service businesses by combining mobile apps and cloud based services in a simple job management software solution.

Over the course of the last decade, Geo has put customers at the heart of the software, continuing to invest, build and maintain a market leading solution for trade and home service businesses.

Some call it job management software. Some call it software for field services.


We like to call it Smart Software


Smart because it brings important operational business information into one place, providing access to the right information at the right time.

Smart because it provides powerful tools to help our customers run their business, better: From quotes, job scheduling, team management, invoicing and payments.

Smart because it frees up time for business leaders focus on what’s important: Customers.

And Smart because it helps businesses grow… and we have over 10 years and countless examples.


Geo Leadership


In 2021, Tim Molloy and Scott Player joined forces to bring some fresh thinking to Geo. Today, we’re even more laser focused on putting customers at the heart of our operation, re-establishing a market leading product team and a customer facing team that’s second to none.

Over 2021-22, Geo has raised over NZ$9m which is being deployed to rapidly enhance product capability and growth initiatives.

Listed on the NZ Stock Exchange, Geo isn’t another “Tech start up”. It’s a well-established tech “Scale Up” business that has a proven 10year+ track record, long supportive shareholder, and a team that is laser focused on building the best tools for our customers.

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