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Latest Geoop enhancements, fixes & update 08.07.19

This update includes the latest fixes and enhancements to GeoOp and Geo, along with a top tip for using the GeoOp app. GeoOp – Improvements and new features Quickbooks for everyone: You asked, we listened. Quickbooks integration is now available in ALL regions and ALL GeoOp customers (that’s right even Australia!). You can now get…

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How to nail your taxes as a small business

Let’s face it –  doing your taxes is not fun. As rewarding as running your own business is, it also comes with its fair share of annoying tasks, and tax takes the cake for being the most annoying. You need to get your taxes done on time and accurately but this is easier said than…

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11 apps to make life as a mobile tradie easier

If you’re a tradie who spends a lot of time on the road, there are certain apps on your mobile that could become invaluable, allowing you to be more effective and more productive. Here are examples of apps that we think are particularly handy for any mobile worker:   1. Communication: Skype (iOS, Android, Windows) Voice over…

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Biggest Challenges Facing Small Business Owners

Small business adviser Andrew Griffiths has a client who runs a boating service company. This successful boatie has a big team of workers but refuses to let any of them take control of the business, even for a day.   “I can’t take holidays; I can’t be sick,” he says. “I can’t leave the guys…

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7 steps to brilliant job and staff scheduling

Effective job scheduling is one of the most important but least understood disciplines of business management. Assigning the correct employee to the right job at the right time is crucial for business success, especially for companies with a mobile workforce. So why don’t some managers give it more of their attention? Sometimes it’s because they…

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Starting a Trades Business

You know you’re in demand and ‘busy’ is great, but it’s always good to remind yourself of the essentials, so you stand out from the crowd and your set-up is watertight. Here we take a look at tips for growing successful trade and service businesses. Can you check all the boxes below? I know, obvious,…

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