There’s a smarter way to run your cleaning business.

GeoNext is simple software that helps you
manage your business from quotes to invoicing,
with less paperwork and faster payments.

We built GeoNext to help make cleaning business easier,
so you can spend your time on what you do best…
Delivering great services to your clients.

Hi, I'm Amanda

Over the past 15 years I grew Star Express Cleaning from startup to over 25 people. In the early days I was managing everything with clipboards, spreadsheets, SMS and manual invoicing…. However as the business grew, I found myself spending way too many hours every week doing admin. Then I started using GeoNext. It replaced all the manual processes I had and replaced it with one system that allowed me to manage quotes, schedule work to my team, and reduce the time it took to get paid. It not only helped me manage and grow the business, I felt more in control and it also saved my marriage! There’s no good time to change – but my advice is “just do it!”… you won’t be disappointed

– Amanda Diaz, Founder – Star Express Cleaning.

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What is GeoNext?

GeoNext is a simple app/website that helps you run your cleaning business. Sometimes referred to as “job management software” or “cleaning business management software”, it brings together all the separate parts of managing a cleaning service business into one place: Quoting, Job Scheduling / Bookings, Staff management, Invoicing and Payments.


By bringing all of these parts of your business together into one platform, you only need to enter the job details once at the start of the process – your quote. From there, all the information carries through so you reduce re-entering data which saves time and reduces the risk of mistakes.

Save up to 14 hours every week in admin/paperwork

We currently help over 300 cleaning business customers in Australia and New Zealand run their business more effectively.

Easy job scheduling


Customer communication


Invoicing, billing and payments


Job creation, team management and tracking


Accurate time and materials tracking


Why should you move from your current manual systems?

If what you’re currently doing works, then there’s no reason to change. But every one of our customers has benefited from bringing existing processes into one place – Whether it’s reducing the time it takes to manage paperwork, getting paid quicker, or being able to spend more time talking with customers – there’s lots of reasons why switching to a job management platform makes sense.

One of the main benefits of GeoNext is Saving Time.

Grow your business

Help get your team to the right customer at the right time with GeoNext.

More time with clients

Schedule and assign jobs on the road and save 14 hours a week in paperwork.

Make more money

See how job management software by GeoNext can help save 14 hours a week in paperwork.

More time doing the things you love

Help get your team to the right customer at the right time with GeoNext.

With more time on your hands, you choose where to spend it!

Margarita's Cleaning

In 2015, Margarita’s business had grown to 24 jobs a day. 5 long years of blood, sweat and tears to get to this point however growth had stalled… It didn’t matter what Margarita did, it was hard to get beyond this magic mark as she was tied to her desk managing manual processes and teams on the road…. Within 6 months of adopting GeoNext to help run her business, Margarita had doubled her business to OVER 50 JOBS A DAY! And what’s more, she’d halved the amount of time she was spending on paperwork… no more late nights, no more missed invoices, and more time with the family.

There’s so much more to GeoNext than saving time…

Feel more in control

As your business grows, so does the amount of work, pressure and admin you need to do to stay on top of things…. Relying on manual processes and paperwork are awesome when you’re small, however become an impediment as you get more customers and staff.

Bringing all of this into one job management platform reduces the pressure so you can feel more in control – of your business, and your life! Feel more in control today !

Manage your team, anywhere!

Regardless of where you like to work – whether it’s in an office or in the field with your customers – having one platform enables you to manage your team, your jobs and your clients wherever you are. GeoNext has apps that work on mobile and tablet, as well as a desktop optimised console – So we fit with your style of work, regardless of where you are.

Get more from your team

Imagine being able to understand exactly how much time your staff spend to complete a job… detailed notes when the job is completed… and when they are finished? This information really helps you make decisions in your business and ensure you’re getting the most from your team.

Faster payments

Do you have a dedicated time every week that you sit down to send invoices? If so, it could be days or weeks before your customers receive an invoice, creating a big gap between your job, and when you get paid.

Imagine sending an invoice as soon as a job is completed? With GeoNext you can… this helps you get paid quicker.

Most common questions

How much does GeoNext cost?

Firstly, it’s free to get started for 30days – no credit card required, simply complete the form here and give it a go! Within this time you can use ALL the features of GeoNext including the more advanced features like invoicing, accounting integration, SMS notifications and more…. After 30 days, GeoNext can support your business for as little as $15 per user per month. Like most software, the total cost depends on how many users you have in your team – however the feedback we have from our clients is the benefits far outweigh the small monthly cost.

What about training and support

Geo comes with free training and onboarding for you and your business…. Our team will grab you by the hand and help get you started… and we’re also here for you whenever you need a helping hand.


Having said this, we’ve designed Geo to be super simple and easy to get going. The first thing you’ll see in Geo is a “Get Started” guide that helps you understand the basics so within a few minutes you can add a job and schedule it to one of your team – it’s that easy.


Get started for free now, and see for yourself… it’s free for 30 days and you don’t need a credit card to get going. Get started now >

See GeoNext in action for yourself with a free interactive demonstration

In as little as 15 minutes, by scheduling a demonstration you’ll see first hand how Geo can support your business.

What would you do with an extra 14 hours a week?
Geo saves on average 14 hours a week, so more time with the family, more time growing your business and less time on piles of paperwork.

Get paid twice as fast!
As soon as a job is complete, an invoice is sent in a couple of clicks, meaning cash in the bank quicker!

Free yourself from paperwork
Gone are the days of clipboards and manual paperwork. GeoNext makes it easy to manage so no more paperwork.

The GeoNext platform helps you run your business more effectively – so you can spend more time on the important things!

  • Save 14 hours a week
  • Get paid twice as fast
  • Give paperwork the flick
  • Stop being knackered and get your life back!

Cos frankly… life’s too short to let paperwork weigh you down! 

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