GeoNext and MYOB are a perfect team for getting your accounts in order

Track work hours and payments

Send your invoices as soon as a job is done

Manage everything from expenses,
payroll to tax returns

Already using MYOB or looking for online accounting software?
GeoNext is designed to work together with MYOB with ease

GeoNext integrates with your MYOB account so you get the best of both systems

Track how your money moves anytime, anywhere

Import and sync your Taxes and Clients onto GeoNext in minutes

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Don’t leave your accounting software behind and use two systems at once

What is MYOB?

MYOB is powerful accounting software thats helps you better manage your business. Handle payroll and timesheets, expenses and profits, send invoices and take control of your stock.

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Updates on MYOB integration are coming out over time. To see what’s already available on GeoNext check out our support article here.

How GeoNext and MYOB work together to make finance simple


Jobs in GeoNext become invoices in MYOB
Part invoicing
Choose what to invoice now and what to invoice later
Clients and parts
Imports your client list and keep it in sync
Combining multiple jobs into one invoice
Create one invoice per job or combine multiple jobs into one invoice for one client
Mobile invoicing
Staff can create MYOB invoices from the GeoNext app, even if they don’t have a MYOB account
Record payments in GeoNext, then send them to MYOB
Payment connection to MYOB
Team members who don’t have MYOB can still send jobs to MYOB for invoicing
One-time sign-in between your GeoNext and MYOB accounts

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