Let your business shine

Save time, improve cashflow

You’re the expert at Solar Installations. We’re the experts in providing the right tools to help run your business in great shape.

Book jobs, send invoices and let us help you grow your business.

Let your business shine

Save time, improve cashflow

You’re the expert at Solar Installations. We’re the experts in providing the right tools to help run your business in great shape.

Book jobs, send invoices and let us help you grow your business.

We help over 50 Solar Installers run their business more effectively.

Make your admin workload sustainable

You take care of solar installations, we take care of paperworks.

Our easy to use software is your all in one solution to help run your business more effectively – fast quoting, easy scheduling and simple job management, makes for less paperwork and faster cashflow.


Simply Great Solar Business Software

Whether you focus on domestic or commercial works, GeoNext’s job management software makes it easier to manage a combination of recurring and one off jobs, while keeping clients happy and helping you grow your business.

Our easy to use scheduling software saves you time at the touch of a button and speeds up
cash flow by creating quotes and invoices on the go.

See how GeoNext can support your business with a personal software demonstration.

Top features for Solar Installation Businesses

We help over 50 Solar Installation customers run their business more effectively.

Easy job scheduling

Job creation, team management and tracking

Accurate time and materials tracking

Customer communication

Invoicing, billing and payments

Easy job scheduling software

Book jobs like there’s no tomorrow and without the headache of figuring out who’s free and when.

  • Look up your team’s availability and assign jobs as they come in
  • Book jobs and alert staff, even when they’re out on another job
  • Edit and send updates to the team instantly

Job creation,
team management and tracking

Put all the nitty-gritty details in one place and get instant updates.

  • Keep records of clients, location, job duration and
    everything that needs to be done
  • See the who, what and where of you staff with
    real-time GPS tracking
  • Use timers to track how long jobs take and
    add them to timesheets

Track all time and materials

GeoNext’s Billables feature means you can track all time & materials
as you go.

  • Track all parts/materials and other charges (like tolls) against the job
  • Track all your labour – billable hours against the job
  • Accurately invoice all your costs on every job so you never
    lose a cent

Clear and open communication

Keep your clients in the loop to boost your customer service and grow your business.

  • See the status of jobs at a glance and keep your customers updated
  • Send messages in GeoNext to anyone in your team, at any time
  • Relay crucial info to your staff (security codes, reminders, etc)

Invoicing software for accurate billing and payments

Get paid without having to chase clients to the ends of the earth! With GeoNext’s simple invoicing program collecting and tracking payments in a cinch.

Generate accurate quotes

Create and send off invoices online

Keep track of payments easily

GeoNext plays well with others

Already using Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB? You can integrate it with GeoNext so all your important info stays together.

Real customer support

When you’re in need our team is there. We’re real people ready to help, so if you have a question or need a hand we’d love to hear from you.

Free training and onboarding

No two users experience Geo training the same. We set you up with the tools and know-how to use GeoNext effectively AND in a way that helps you learn quickly and easily. Your onboarding is custom-made to fit your business, not around it.

Talk to our experts

Need a bit more convincing eh? Have a chat with our solar installation business expert to learn more about how job management software can help your business thrive!

Let GeoNext help you build a stronger business.

Frequently asked questions

What is job management software for Solar Installation businesses?

Job management software is a tool used by Solar Installation businesses to help run their operations. This software generally has scheduling, job management & accounting functionalities built-in… all the tools you need to allow you and your team to manage your jobs, schedules and financials details, all in one place. This software is a digital replacement for paperwork and manual processes.

Other terms used for this software include scheduling software, accounting software, booking software, marketing software, and home service business software.

How does scheduling software for Solar Installation businesses work?

Job scheduling software allows you to not only assign tasks to your staff but also send updates and get a closer look into how your business functions. It’s that extra level of visibility that paper-based processes can’t achieve.

Are there any other features included in GeoNext?

There sure are! GeoNext is full of other amazing features to help get your business into gear. You and your team can add site logs and notes for extra detail, capture photos and signatures from clients, and GeoNext even works offline so you don’t need to fret when there’s no internet.

Secure your time with family & friends. Try it today and see!

See how GeoNext can support your business.

See GeoNext in action for yourself in as little as 15 minutes. By scheduling a demonstration you’ll see first hand how GeoNext can support your business.

What would you do with an extra 14 hours a week?
GeoNext saves on average 14 hours a week, so more time with the family, surfing or at the pub with your mates!

Get paid twice as fast!
As soon as a job is complete, an invoice is sent in a couple of clicks, meaning cash in the bank quicker!

Free yourself from paperwork
Gone are the days of clipboards and manual paperwork. GeoNext makes it easy to manage so no more paperwork.

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