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Become a Geo Partner and join us in helping make running trade and field service business easier and earn A$400 per referred, paying customer.


Helping Business, Help Small Business

The Geo partner program is a referral program designed to support Accountants / Bookkeepers, Business Consultants, IT Consultants/Administrators (and more)… that work with trade and field service businesses.

What’s in it for you?

Earn $400 for each Trade and Field Service business that you refer and they become a paying customer to us. Simple.

Accountants / Bookkeepers

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your customer is making the most of Geo, to help make your life easier. Imagine every job automatically syncing with Xero? Ahh, blis!

Business Consultants and Coaches

Our specialist partner team will work with you to ensure you and your clients make the most of Geo’s – and ensure you’re able to support your customers moving forward.

IT Consultants and Administrators

We’ll work with you to identify how Geo fits within your customer’s existing tech and help integrate with other platforms such as Accounting platforms.

Let us help you, help your customers.

This is the bit we’re passionate about – helping trade and field service businesses. Our app/software brings together all the daily workflows into one easy to use platform. From Quoting, Job Management, Team Management, Checklists, invoicing and payments – Our platform saves over 14 hours a week in admin and paperwork. This allows small business owners to spend more time on the things that matter. Click here to see the main features of GeoNext.

Ready to Become a Partner?

Free Partner Support

We offer Free Support and Training for partners – forever.

Phone/Chat/Email Support

We offer free support during AU/NZ business hours for Partners and Customers.

Training Webinars

We offer online training 4 times a week. You’re able to utilise these training sessions as many times as you wish!

Online Help Centre

The Help Centre/Knowledgebase is available online 24×7, featuring written and video support tutorials on how to use our platforms.

Most common questions

Is there any joining fee?

No. We do not charge any fees for becoming a partner.

How do you get started?

We’re building a network of partners that all share the same passion: Helping trade and field service business owners, run their business. Whether you’re an accountant, consultant, IT professional, supplier or educator, if you have an audience of trade and/or field service business owners, we’d love to have you onboard. To become a Partner, simply complete the sign up form here and we’ll be in touch to get you started.

What happens after you complete the Partnership form?

That’s when the fun begins. Our Partner lead will review your application and be in touch to get you setup everything you need to get started.

How does the referral fee work?

Geo offers a one off A$400 referral fee for all businesses you refer to us that become a successfully onboarded, paying customer of Geo. Our Partner program is run according to our Terms of Service.

How do you refer customers to Geo?

We’ll run through how to refer customers to you once you’ve become a partner. In short, you’ll receive a unique link that you use to refer your customers – we’ll be alerted each time one of your customers signs up and we’ll help get them going. Once they are successfully onboarded and become a paying customer, you’ll receive the referral fee.

Do you need to become a Geo expert?

Not really – but it depends on what your business does. If you’re an IT consultant that manages the IT systems of trade businesses, you may wish to become a Geo expert and be able to onboard and administer Geo for your customers.

However, if you’re a bookkeeper that has a cleaning customer that is currently managing their business using paper and clipboard – you may simply wish to refer your customer to use to help them become more efficient and effective.

We work with all types of partner businesses – from bookkeepers/accountants to business consultants; from training organizations to trade suppliers – If you have an audience of trade/field service/home services businesses that could benefit from Geo, then you can benefit from being a partner.

Ready to earn commissions?


A little more about GeoNext

We currently help over 10000  customers in Australia and New Zealand run their business more effectively.

The complete toolkit for your business

Migrate your manual paperwork and processes into software that gives you everything you need to manage
your jobs: quote, allocate jobs, schedule and invoice all in one platform.
  • Put the who, what and where of a job in one place
  • Create a timetable for all jobs and send it straight to your team’s smartphones
  • Track jobs from start to finish, including location, expenses and work hours

Super simple scheduling & job management

Everything you need to manage your jobs: Add jobs and job details; see who’s busy and able to take the job on;
schedule and allocate to your team,  take photos and store notes; and produce an invoice when the job’s complete!
  • Edit job details and send updates to staff instantly via the mobile app
  • Take photos, record signatures and store notes on the go
  • Works offline – for those times when you’ve got low reception

See what’s happening, where!

Quickly and easily see what’s happening with your team with GPS tracking,
assign jobs based on who’s closest, and maximise efficiency of your team.
  • See exact locations with GPS tracking
  • Assign jobs to staff based on who’s closest
  • Plot out your team’s day on Google Maps so they don’t get lost

Get paid faster

Make managing your finances quick and painless

  • Create custom templates for your quotes and invoices
  • Sync up your Xero software and access all payments in one place
  • Send invoices straight away via email or SMS

Partner with us to help your Clients

We partner with Accountants / Bookkeepers, Business Consultants, IT Consultants/Implementers (and more)… to help their Trade and Field service customers streamline their operations and help running their business easier.

To become a partner, simply complete the following form and we’ll be in touch to get you up and running!

  • Become a Partner
  • Spread the word
  • Earn Commissions
  • Repeat

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