GeoNext helps your business run smoothly

Imagine a life free of paperwork. No more searching for lost job details, chasing your team for updates or spending your weekends catching up on admin.

That’s why we built GeoNext – easy-to-use job management software that’s trusted by almost 20,000 users worldwide.

GeoNext lets you store job notes and records in the one place digitally, generate professional-looking quotes and invoices quickly, and keep your team and customers up-to-date on the important things.

What’s more, GeoNext easily integrates with Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks, so you can manage your payroll and timesheets, and track job costs and profitability, all from the palm of your hand.

“When we first looked at GeoNext, we could see that information was available immediately to anybody on site or in the office. It was available on any screen. Even if you’re not at work, you can log in at home. It’s that kind of thing that we’ve missed in the past.”Ne

Ken Mackay, Appliance Pros

Geo grows your business faster

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for a while, cashflow is top-of-mind for any business owner.

Not only can Geo help you schedule more jobs in the day, it can also help you get paid faster, usually 3 times faster with credit card payments.

With Geo’s end-to-end job management, you can offer your customers a first-class experience from start to finish, giving them even more reason to give you repeat business and those all-important referrals.

Plus, with Geo’s reporting functionality, you can quickly see how your business is tracking, so you can make adjustments on the go.

“Moving from a paper-based system to a digital platform means that feedback on job progress is instant, rather than waiting for the technicians to send in their paperwork. Not only does this give us much greater visibility over how we’re tracking for job completion, it also allows processes like timesheets and invoicing to happen within a number of days instead of a number of weeks.”

Damian Pauley, BOC Limited

GeoNext keeps your team happy

Keeping your employees up-to-date on important job details helps them to be prepared and on time for their next appointment.

With GeoNext, you can allocate jobs by area or employee, and display map locations and notes about the job or customer. Information is updated in real-time, regardless of where you’re located, so time isn’t wasted on unnecessary phone calls or messages.

Job management software should also be easy to use. GeoNext’s smart cloud-based technology enables your employees to log in from their own phone or tablet, meaning they can start using GeoNext straight away.

“With guards using smartphones they’re already familiar with, the company has saved on training time and hasn’t needed to buy specialist equipment.”

Franc Rebernik, Knightguard

GeoNext gives you your weekends back

If you manage multiple paper-based systems in your business, you might be one of the many business owners who spends their weekends catching up on admin.

That’s probably not what you had in mind when you first started your business.

With GeoNext, you’ll save an average of nine hours a week on paperwork, meaning you’ve got your weekends back to spend more time with family and friends… or catch up on Netflix or the footy.

“It took us four years to get to 24 jobs a day, now we’ve doubled the jobs to about 50 in six months and it’s much less work for us – we’ve got our weekends back!”

Margarita Elevancini, Margarita Cleaning Service

Getting started with Geo is easy

We make getting started with Geo as easy as possible.

We offer comprehensive training and onboarding, with regular check-ins to see how you and your team are going.

What’s more, Geo has 24/7 customer support available, which means you can quickly get the answer you need at any time over the phone, on email or via web chat.

Our customer service team are real people, available day and night to help you and your business succeed.

“[The Geo team is] always happy to help. They came out to our premises and introduced the officers to Geo near the beginning and have provided continuous support.”

Daniel Hadfield, Auckland Council

Try GeoNext and see – it’s simply better business.


Our customer service team are real people, available 24/7 to help you succeed.

Moving to paperless job management for the first time? You’re in the best hands. No set up fees, free training and a team of people ready to help.

GeoNext plays well with others

Already using Xero? You can integrate it with GeoNext so all your important info stays together.

Try GeoNext and see – it’s simply better business.


Try GeoNext and see – it’s simply better business.

Try GeoNext and see – it’s simply better business.